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Jazoon TechDays 2018 on the Gurten near Bern

Soon it's time again: On September 6 and 7 the Swiss software community will meet at the Jazoon TechDays 2018 on the Gurten near Bern. This year's event is all about Cloud, Containers and Continuous Everything.


AdNovum's CTO Tom Sprenger is looking forward to the Jazoon and is convinced that it will bring real added value to the Swiss software community. Tom Sprenger: "The purpose of the conference is to bring not only selected local but also high-profile international speakers to Switzerland. It's a great pleasure for AdNovum to contribute to the event as a Platinum sponsor and co-organizer."


Alexander Striffeler of Netcetera is a member of the organizing committee and is determined to make the Jazoon TechDays a unique experience again this year. He gives some insights and views on the event:


The Jazoon TechDays 2018 will focus on DevOps for Devs – Cloud, Containers and Continuous Everything. Can you tell us a little more about that?

"DevOps" is a combination of technology, methodology and corporate culture. All this makes it possible to develop software projects quickly and to deliver them regularly in small steps. From my own experience and conversations with other software developers I know that this topic is relevant to many companies and poses great challenges. This is why we are convinced that with "DevOps" we have our fingers on the pulse of the times.


Pavilion, Gurten
Pavilion, Gurten

How do you succeed in finding exciting topics for the conference again and again?

Two aspects are crucial here: Firstly, the organizers of the Jazoon TechDays are software developers themselves. Secondly, the composition of the organizing committee changes regularly, which means that new interests and ideas are incorporated each time.



You engage high-profile speakers every year. Can you already provide a few names and maybe even some of the topics they will cover?

Amongst our speakers will be, for example, Aaron Blohowiak of Netflix, Kief Morris of ThoughtWorks and Charity Majors, founder of and former employee of Facebook. To get an overview of the different topics presented, I recommend having a look at



What are the highlights of this year's conference?

One of my personal highlights is the workshop with Russ Miles of ChaosIQ entitled "Successful Production Microservices".

There is also the backstage track, which allows the participants to talk with the speakers about their very individual questions in a relaxed lounge atmosphere.

I can't even decide on a single highlight for the talks. I am really looking forward to the wide range of topics and will let myself be surprised!


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