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Introducing the Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that integrates into existing systems with minimal change to your business applications



The ‘Nevis Appliance’ Solution

AdNovum Singapore understands this challenge and has introduced an IAM solution that would be valued by any goal-oriented organisation; a scalable and business-driven IAM solution that ensures proper authentication, so as to establish secure digital environments.



Enhanced Security, Improved Usability

Adaptive Security

The Adaptive Context-Aware Authentication (ACAA) studies users’ past login behaviour and reacts accordingly. It can potentially prevent breaches even when the user’s login credentials and 2fa are compromised.

Dynamic Session Management

Sessions of varying criticality can be governed while running parallel of each other. This feature also prevents unintended session overwrites and data loss when multiple requests are submitted at once.

NEVIS Appliance is used by banks, financial institutions and government agencies
to protect critical and sensitive data.

Monetary Authority of Singapore | Health Sciences Authority | Maritime Port Authority | International Enterprise | National Arts Council
Federal Office of Information Technology | Federal Office of Communications | Federal Department of Justice and Police
Swiss Federation of Notaries | Federal Office for Agriculture | Swisscom | Mercedez Benz | Notenstein | PostFinance | Segetis | UBS | SFS Group
Helvetia | Die Mobiliar


NEVIS Appliance also powers the CorpPass/ Singpass solution
for several Singapore Government Agencies
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Proven & Reliable

Rapid Deployment

Nevis Appliance is configured to be installed in weeks instead of months.

Tested by Millions Worldwide

Numerous deployments supporting millions of end-users, for both domestic and global markets.

Ensured Business Continuity

Deployed with high-availability (HA) across an n-tiered architecture to maintain higher levels of service.


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  • Technical Handout on Adaptive Security and its Business Applications
  • Business Perspective on Adaptive Security
  • Technical Handout on Dynamic Session Management and its Business Applications


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