AdNovum SingPass and SAML 2.0 consulting workshop

Singpass 2fa

We have successfully implemented several nationwide SAML 2.0, identity and access management, single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA) projects with government agencies and organisations across Singapore, using Nevis Appliance.

Challenges that government agencies are facing when implementing CorpPass/ Singpass:

  • New SingPass is not downward compatible with the old SingPass system
  • Integrating CorpPass/ Singpass with existing applications, including older legacy applications
  • Interoperating various security solutions/ products to fulfil the respective agency’s security requirements
  • Tight deadlines and resource constraints to ensure smooth implementation of CorpPass/ Singpass
  • Minimise integration efforts required to leverage CorpPass authentication and authorisation services in e-services
  • Future-proof e-services by configuring them to readily accept future CorpPass/ Singpass enhancements

Calling Potential Partners


Are you a government system/ solution integrator seeking to rapidly integrate SingPass/ CorpPass to your e-Service application? If so, we’d love to connect with you.


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NEVIS Appliance for Seamless Integrations

NEVIS Appliance is a proven, reliable and flexible IAM solution developed by AdNovum. Its modular nature allows it to seamlessly integrate with existing components and systems, without undergoing time-consuming modifications. Global organisations and government agencies worldwide have depended on NEVIS Appliance to protect crucial data and information from external and internal threats.

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Why the Public Sector Trusts NEVIS Appliance

  • A product-based SingPass/ CorpPass solution capable of scaling to enterprise levels
  • Future-proof setup that accommodates future expansions
  • Reduces total cost of ownership over the long-term
  • Layered security contributes to a secure digital environment
  • Highly comprehensive functionalities for SingPass/ CorpPass
  • Flexible configurations that require no coding
  • Out-of-the-box implementation capabilities
  • Options for appliance and non-appliance implementations


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