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How Does Blockchain Benefit Your Industry?

Advances in technology, increasing globalization and time to market pressure have changed the way organizations in Singapore and around the world compete in their respective markets. A company can no longer compete alone. Companies need to develop mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, service providers, vendors and even competitors while ensuring information security.

This ecosystem revolves around a product or service which all parties - in Singapore and globally - execute transactions with. It facilitates the sharing of information and execution of transactions. This arrangement however, requires high levels of trust and that’s where Secure Blockchain for Business comes in.

Our solution combines the transparency and traceability of Blockchain with modern security features like data encryption, identity and access management and network security. In doing so, it provides an instantaneous, trusted and secure view of all available information about the objects and transactions based on well-defined access rights.

Use Case: Blockchain Platform for the Automotive Industry

In a joint effort with leading organizations, universities and the Swiss government, AdNovum developed a blockchain-based digital dossier for the automotive industry. On this platform, all data from a vehicle’s life cycle can be stored transparently and securely. The project is co-financed by the Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

Learn more by downloading the Fact Sheet.

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Why Organizations and Governments Trust AdNovum

  • Founded and developed Blockchain Car Dossier with the Swiss government and industry leaders
  • Over 20 years of experience in secure software solutions
  • We protect over 80% of all e-banking transactions in Switzerland
  • Experienced in co-creating end-to-end solutions
  • Zero outage in Singapore (since 2015)

Our Track Record

Federal Office of Information Technology | Federal Office of Communications | Federal Department of Justice and Police | Swiss Federation of Notaries | Federal Office for Agriculture

Swisscom | Mercedez Benz | Notenstein | PostFinance | Segetis | UBS | SFS Group | Helvetia | Die Mobiliar

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