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An IAM solution from NEVIS Security Suite, Email Client 2FA utilises strong authentication to enhance access security and usability for corporate emails.

Access Security for Corporate Emails

In Singapore, corporate emails (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, etc.) are commonly used by organisations to efficiently exchange information with both internal and external parties. Almost instantaneous communication is established between peers, allowing users to send information in various formats – from product concepts to detailed performance reports.


Yet such vital information is protected by no more than a single password. Considering that up to 95% of people share up to 6 passwords and 59% are re-using passwords across multiple platforms, this single line of defence is getting weaker with each business day.*


Email Client 2FA easily secures existing email systems by adding a 2-step / two-factor verification using One-Time Password (OTP) on top of the user's existing login credentials. An example is SMS OTP, where a user receives the one-time password through his / her mobile phone. This enhances security without compromising on usability.


Users therefore enjoy the usual, easy access to their emails while organisations significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches.


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*Source: LastPass Sharing Survey

Key Benefits

Email Client 2FA allows users to access their mailbox through a fat / thick email client without requiring a virtual private network (VPN). Organisations can therefore reduce costs related to VPN usage while still providing relevant personnel with secured access to their emails.


In addition, mobile users no longer need to go through cumbersome steps when accessing information through VPN and instead, enjoy faster logon and enhanced usability brought about by Email Client 2FA.


Many organisations tend to provide VPN to non-employees who require remote access to their emails. Aside from incurring additional cost, organisations are exposing themselves to additional risks since an unnecessary number of users have remote access to intranet applications.


NEVIS provides secure remote access to emails and access control for individual web applications without VPN. Email Client 2FA allows organisations to securely provision access to both internal and external staff / partners.


Email Client 2FA doesn’t require any agent installation (i.e. no custom plugins or client customisation needed) therefore minimising potential compatibility and support issues.


Since Email Client 2FA works with fat clients (i.e. Outlook, etc.) users have access to more features as compared to thin clients. This setup helps maintain a familiar workspace and can contribute to increased productivity.


Email Client 2FA can be extended to provide additional features such as other authentication methods (e.g. AD-Kerberos / WNA, LDAP, RSA SecurID, Vasco, SMS OTP, Google Authenticator, BioID, BehavioSec, etc.), Single Sign-On, user account provisioning, user request workflows and self-service portal.


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Outlook is provided by Microsoft Corp. Google Authenticator is provided by Google Inc. and Vasco is provided by VASCO Data Security International, Inc.


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