AdNovum@Movies Tech Demo

Revealing New Authentication Methods

AdNovum hosted a technical demonstration on how access management could enhance both security and usability for any organization. The topics included user profiling and new authentication methods. Guests found the session both insightful and informative.


On 30th March 2017, AdNovum hosted and organized a technical demonstration on how access management could enhance security without compromising user experience. The event was held at the Platinum Suites within The Cathay Cineplex and guests were trickling in well before the presentation. As the guests gathered and networked with each other, our regional CTO, Christian Widmer stepped up to the stage and began addressing the audience.


Christian went through a brief introduction of AdNovum, sharing how we have been delivering IT security solutions to banks, insurers and financial institutions for over 25 years, before passing the baton to senior consulting manager, Deddy Gunawi. In this section, Deddy dived into discussing user profiling and new authentication methods by sharing two new and exciting aspects of the NEVIS Security Suite.


Nex-Gen Authentication Methods

The first was Adaptive Context-Aware Authentication (ACAA) which uses context data (i.e. geolocation, time of access, etc.) to calculate the risk score of a user. Based on this score level, the next step is then automatically determined. ACAA enhances security by preventing unauthorized end-users or unknown client devices - such as malware or hijacked sessions - from accessing confidential data. It also increases usability by allowing selective use of strong authentication, if high risk conditions are detected.


Deddy then introduced BioID, the second authentication method that utilises multimodal, simultaneous face and voice recognition with challenge response. Unique features like 3D facial detection, guided facial motion and random voice words prevent replay attacks that use pre-recorded videos. BioID maintains user privacy in that no actual photo / video / voice data is actually stored.


This was accompanied by a demonstration recording that showed how a combination of these authentication methods could enhance security and improve usability.


Shortly after, our security partner from BehavioSec shared further insights on delivering great user experiences while minimizing security risks. They introduced a technology that uses continuous machine learning to authenticate users based not on what they do, but how they complete certain functions (i.e. user behavior when typing in credentials, etc.) This intuitive technology on behavioural biometric profiling is integrated with NEVIS Security Suite.


ACAA increases usability through selective use of strong authentication, instead of requiring the user to authenticate every login session



A Good View of LIFE

When the session ended, a brief Q&A session saw that all questions were addressed just before visitors were treated to an exclusive screening of the sci-fi thriller, LIFE.


The technical demonstration showcase was well-received, and we thank our guests for taking the time to learn more about next generation authentication methods. We look forward to delivering more value in future.