Learn how chatbots can benefit your business and how AdNovum can support you in designing and building your chatbot or voice assistant.

Forecasts predict a significant increase in the use of chatbots and voice assistants in all industries over the next few years. Going forward, these interfaces will become a serious new means of interaction between companies and their customers.


A chatbot is a program or an artificial intelligence that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Social media and chat tools have formed the habits of users in recent years. A chatbot takes advantage of these habits by fulfilling the wishes of the users based on their short and precise requests. The lack of a traditional user interface very quickly reveals the advantages of a chatbot: the user no longer needs to download an app, but can request services (for example, change his seat on the plane or buy shoes) via his familiar chat tool.


Define the problem that you want to solve. This will be the main driver for the bot design, technology choices and the development and operations approach. Contact our experts to learn which approach is right for your organization.


A company can automate many processes more efficiently via chatbots as opposed to traditional resources. Many processes still need a human touch but simple requests such as appointments, product searches, changing profile information of a customer can be automated using a chatbot. For users it allows for more efficient handling of small requests and on-demand services.


This includes user interaction design (UX), the dialog flow, tone of voice, language and several other aspects. Read more about UX and chatbots in this article.


Do you need to integrate other services? Should the bot learn automatically? What type of content and data is needed? Read more about chatbots and artificial intelligence in this article.


Do you want to host the bot service on premise in your own datacenter or use a service in the cloud? Contact our cognitive solutions experts today to explore the options available.


Think about the risks. For example, the bot may fail to understand the user and give wrong answers or the bot may begin to learn the wrong things. Contact our cognitive solutions experts today to discuss the potential risks and how to minimize them before implementing your chatbot.


What can we do for you?

Would you like to make your business smarter, but don’t know where to start? Contact us! Our specialists would be pleased to support you in:

  • cognitive solutions workshops
  • data analysis
  • prototype testing
  • implementation of tailor-made cognitive solutions
  • solution optimization and integration
  • platform and applications hosting, operation, and support  

Chatbots - gimmick or new paradigm?

Forecasts predict a sharp increase in chatbots and voice assistants. Will these forms of customer communication become established as a serious opportunity to interact? Find out what our expert Peter Gassmann, Chief Consulting Officer at AdNovum, has to say about what factors need to be taken into account to use chatbots successfully in your business. Register to receive the article via email (article only available in German)

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