IT Innovation for Insurance

AdNovum offers innovative solutions for insurance providers


Technological and social trends have led to a rise in new opportunities, while the extent and relentless speed of digital transformation continues to pose major challenges. This is particularly true for the insurance industry, where companies are currently exposed to market trends that affect the entire customer lifecycle. These include the need for flexible product solutions, a higher price sensitivity, a stronger need for transparency and a need to improve the customer experience. In addition, the synchronization of the marketing, sales and service channels as well as the increasing legal and regulatory requirements are important challenges for the industry.


AdNovum supports insurance companies with a collaborative approach to master the various phases of the digital transformation process. We understand the challenges of digital transformation in the insurance industry and their economic, social and legal implications and support our clients in shaping digital change.


Customer behavior and interaction preferences have changed and product and service offerings must be designed to meet expectations in the age of on-demand and personalized services. We build innovative IT solutions that improve the customer experience in the digital world.


We have built and launched a number of award-winning solutions, which have successfully established themselves in the market and changed the way our clients interact with their customers.


With decreasing margins in the traditional core business, insurance companies need to capitalize on new and emerging technologies to remain relevant. Which new markets, business models, service and product platforms, efficiency and productivity enhancements are made possible by the next generation of digital technologies? We help you identify the real risks and challenges and the opportunities they present. 


We develop, plan and implement innovative cognitive solutions, which enable our customers to recognize hidden connections and new opportunities. With our proven agile methodology, we can design, implement and launch game-changing digital applications, minimizing time-to-market and maximizing ROI.


In the past, insurance products and services were marketed through traditional channels such as agents, brokers or partner banks. With the advent of digitalization, it has become increasingly important and lucrative to think in digital ecosystems. The potential of these ecosystems goes far beyond that of a single direct sales channel over the own corporate website. Digital offerings for private and business customers such as mobile apps and cloud services, that while on the surface are unrelated to the insurance sector, offer great potential for insurance product distribution as well as additional revenue streams.


We are experienced in creating entire ecosystems together with our customers and partners, such as insurtech startups (eg. Blockchain Car Dossier). We offer a comprehensive service portfolio that not only covers the entire solution delivery lifecycle, but also includes innovative products such as technology due diligence, incubation or collaboration services. Our unique co-creation platform allows efficient and secure teamwork for all parties from value proposition design through software implementation and testing to market launch and operations.


With rapidly increasing legal and regulatory requirements, how can insurance companies react to the constant sea of changes? Compliance and security topics are increasingly complex, expensive and add little value to the customer experience. The next generation of insurance buyers, such as Millenials, expects advanced authentication services that are seamlessly integrated into modern user experiences.


Our Digital Identity Management and Cyber Security solutions add value to the enterprise and are business enablers in protecting insurance customer information and data.

What can we do for you?

Are you looking to launch an innovative digital service or product in the insurance sector? B2C or B2B, national, regional or global – regardless of your focus, you will find there are unique challenges to IT projects within the insurance sector. Together with our clients, we’ve already successfully mastered them. Our specialists are pleased to provide support with:

  • digitalization of existing processes
  • creating agile IT structures
  • cyber security risk assessments
  • digital identity management solutions
  • integration of innovative solutions into existing IT
  • tailor-made web solutions and mobile apps

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Thomas Zweifel Head of IT Consulting