Cyber Security Assessment

Locate potential security risks in your IT system and understand what countermeasures are possible.

Your organisation is all set with its digital transformation plans, but after reading about ransomware like WannaCry and Petya, your confidence is shaken. You begin worrying if there are similar security risks within your system's plans.

Engage cyber security assessment to eliminate doubt and find out exactly where potential security risks lie within your IT landscape. Explore countermeasure options to close security gaps, while ensuring maximum business productivity.

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Your IT landscape is constantly changing due to new requirements. With digitalization, business-critical elements are increasingly dependent on IT processes and infrastructure. It is therefore crucial that your IT systems are well protected to minimise security breaches.


Is your IT security lagging behind evolving threats? Where exactly are the security risks in your existing system?


Accurately assess your existing IT security today and begin enhancing your system's information security.

A neutral analysis of the current situation and appropriate measures help steel your IT systems against cyber attacks. We identify the main risks and review your existing security arrangements.


We then identify risks that would be better covered by leveraging on an insurance policy, and those that can be handled in-house.

A cyber security assessment instills new risk awareness, allowing your organisation to better evaluate and implement countermeasures. When considering cyber security insurance for instance, conducting effective situation analysis and implementing appropriate measures will be crucial in identifying cost-effective products.


After the cyber security assessment, your organisation is better equipped to understand and therefore respond to IT security threats.

Our cyber security assessment is based on decades of experience in information security and IT security for both the public and private sectors. Following the assessment, we can help your organisation decide on specific measures, the planning, and the technical and organizational implementation.


As a result, your organisation receives all-round protection and enhanced clarity on how to protect valuable data from proliferating cyber threats.

Has your organisation identified and documented its security risks?




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