KYC Exchange Net KEN

Know Your Customer: secure communication platform for customer verifications

The Know-Your-Customer (KYC) platform KEN enables financial institutions to efficiently submit and exchange KYC information. AdNovum has developed the solution in close cooperation with KYC Exchange Net AG.

KYC Exchange Net AG has launched a communication platform for the secure exchange of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) information. With KEN, financial institutions can obtain KYC information from other financial institutions via a standardized questionnaire, which enables them to easily and efficiently comply with banking supervisory standards.

Standardized KYC questionnaire

Dashboard with questionnaire status overview

The solution is based on a standardized online questionnaire. KEN offers upload of documents, versioned storage and viewing of documents, as well as downloading and forwarding of documents to other KEN users or involved parties.


KEN also supports management of relationships to other KEN customers. KEN customers who are related to another financial institution are automatically notified on modification of data or documents regarding the respective institutions. Staff of KEN customers can pass on KYC requests internally via a defined workflow based on a fine-grained role model and a delegation system that is easy to manage. A dashboard provides information on the status and percentage of completion of a request. Completed requests are archived to provide an optimized overview. 

Implemented with Scrum

AdNovum specified and implemented KEN in a Scrum project in close cooperation with KYC Exchange Net AG. AdNovum also provided the infrastructure for the testing, staging and productive installations in their own data center. The comprehensive IT competence of AdNovum made it possible to bring KEN to market maturity within a very short time, a factor that was critical for the success of the project.


Architecture of the KYC platform KEN
  • Standardized reporting, efficient exchange and secure storage and administration of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) information
    • standardized online questionnaire
    • upload, download, versioned storage and application-internal and -external forwarding of documents
  • Management of relationships between KEN customers (financial institutions)
    • administration of relationships in KEN
    • notification of related institutions on modification of data or documents
  • Workflow support
    • fine-grained role model for involved functions and departments
    • internal delegation/forwarding of KYC requests
  • Dashboard with status overview and percentage of completion of pending requests
  • Archiving of completed requests

Facts and Figures

  • Time to market: Project start in June 2013, go-live in December 2013
  • Number of users: By April 2014, KEN was already used by 30 financial institutions with 50 to 60 individual users, among them Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), Société Général, and the Bank of London and the Middle East (BLME)


  • Alfresco DMS
  • Nevis-based IAM solution with nevisProxy, nevisAuth, and nevisIDM
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Interface optimized for Apple iPads and other tablets
  • SSL encryption