Identity Management at PostFinance

Secure management of user data

AdNovum created an Identity Management Solution for PostFinance to centrally manage the data of PostFinance employees. User data is managed by a central application that controls the granting of rights and assures that the data is traceable across all nodes.

A central LDAP directory is used to deploy the data managed in the system environment. For existing applications unable to connect directly to the directory, the user data and rights are carried over via clearly defined import and export processes.


  • Reduction of costs through central management of user data via import (exit and entry, change of organizational units, etc.)
  • Increased security through adoption of central authentication management with:
    - Workflow engine to grant authentication based on application and enterprise roles
    - Central credential management (PW, Certificates, SecurID)
  • Traceable and controlled granting of access rights enabling overall improved protection for data and information
  • Enables implementation of company-wide single sign-on (SSO)


  • Java EE application
  • LDAP integration
  • Access infrastructure based on Nevis components (nevisAuth, nevisProxy)
  • Oracle