Electronic archive for notaries

eArchive for the Swiss Federation of Notaries SNV

AdNovum has developed an electronic archive for the Swiss Federation of Notaries which serves Cantons and Notaries as centralized document management system.

eArchive contains the open-source DMS (document management system) Alfresco, which provides comprehensive functionality and full control at low cost. AdNovum's security framework Nevis served to integrate the existing notary registry as identity provider. A sophisticated role concept separates users, groups, documents and folders from the various roles and thus provides eArchive with a high flexibility as well as allowing for the mapping of diverse and future scenarios.


  • Secure management and long-term archiving of notarized documents in electronic form
  • Identification of notaries with electronic certificates (e.g., with SuisseID)
  • Role concept with flexible access rights and mapping of special cases (e.g., succession, deputy)
  • Records management with guarantee of authenticity, integrity and usability, true to MoReq2 and DoD 5012.02 specifications
  • Basic functions such as check-in/check-out, version management, search, navigation, visualization
  • Designed redundantly for high availability; easy migration of documents
  • Freely available source code allows to achieve high degree of flexibility and control for implementation of additional customer requirements
  • Optimal function coverage by agile project management with short release cycles modeled on Scrum


  • Alfresco document management system (open-source)
  • Identity and access management solution Nevis with standard configurations of
    • nevisProxy
    • nevisAuth