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In today‘s competitive business environment, organizations need to be able to quickly learn from their interactions with customers and markets, and to continuously adjust their services and products to changing market needs. This is where cognitive solutions come into play. They support organizations in making sense of their data, and they deliver business insights where you need them.


From self-learning software and machine learning to data analytics and intelligent search, there are a number of ways to improve business processes to enable companies  to take profitable decisions. Quite often, the best solution is surprisingly straightforward, especially if your daily business generates a lot of unstructured data that you are not using yet.

Self-learning software is software with machine-learning capabilities. Machine learning is the sub-field of computer science that explores how algorithms can mine data to make informed predictions or decisions. Self-learning software has the ability to learn from structured and unstructured data without explicit programming instructions.


Self-learning software is able to interpret and learn from data from various sources such as a client‘s background, transactions, and external profiling. In doing so, it helps you identify promising cases quickly, which in turn allows you to better prioritize allocation of resources and target your investments in customer service, product bundling, and product design.


Tailored cognitive solutions integrate data analytics, intelligent search, and machine learning capabilities. They enable companies to constantly evaluate structured and unstructured data collected in day-to-day interactions with customers and partners and make the results available exactly when you need them. This enables you to quickly take informed strategy decisions and continuously adjust your services and products to changing market needs.


To harness the full potential of your data, your cognitive solution must be tightly aligned with your needs and overall business strategy. To start with, ask yourself what the primary goal of your project is. Would you like to improve customer service by incorporating cognition in your workflow? Or do you want to integrate data from external sources to draw actionable conclusions? Or teach your system how to uncover insights from internal data?


Projects with cognitive solutions must be handled iteratively, with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target or result. This is why our process in regards to implementing cognitive solutions begins with a workshop and goes through various rounds of planning, prototyping and testing. This way we can ensure delivery of a fully supported and optimized solution that can be integrated into an existing ecosystem.


Following a collaborative approach to identifying and evaluating possible use cases during a cognitive solutions workshop, we can analyze your existing data to create a detailed plan and proof of concept. After possible integration methods have been tested and the data processing procedures configured and visualized, the project can move on to an end-user testing phase including live demonstrations. The solution is then integrated into the existing system with additional testing. Once successfully implemented, the solution is continuously supported and maintained to ensure it remains fully functional and integrated.


Depending on the selected cognitive solution, this collaborative approach may change or go through additional iterations in order to meet the requirements of a specific use case.


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