Digital Evolution

We make Digitalization work for you.

Companies invent new offerings, new technologies generate new opportunities, tech companies challenge established markets and businesses, startups pop up everywhere. Each board demands their executive management to develop a strategy for digitalization and implement it.

But what exactly does digitalization mean? In many cases it just means: more digital! Because digital offers potential for automation, for better scalability, for better access to customers. Digital may lead to better, faster, more reliable information and higher accuracy. Regardless of whether your business already makes extensive use of IT or not. In the future you will use more IT because your business, your clients and your partners grow ever more digital. This is why AdNovum favors the term digital evolution - we believe digitalization to be a long-term, ongoing process that delivers sustainable growth to your business.


You require new skills to take advantage of many of the big trends. If you want to integrate Internet-of-Things technologies, you will have to learn how to handle the devices, upgrade processes, huge amounts of generated data, and so on. If you want to serve your demanding customers on many channels, you will have to handle web and mobile development, and prepare for emerging new channels too. If you want to combine the cool new product of a FinTech or InsurTech startup with your own online services, you will need proper integration and bridging functionality. If you are not selling hardware anymore but rent it out as part of a service contract to your customer, you will have to master a different set of processes. This includes customer and partner interfaces, and so on. And in most cases, you will have to deal with security big time. Your customers rightfully expect this, and regulations demand it.

Often it is not only a challenge in terms of technologies, processes, organization and features. First and foremost, it has to happen fast. AdNovum is fast. We have been solving all these customer challenges for 30 years!

IT Application Evolution

In view of the rapidly changing competitive environment, companies are facing major challenges. Software ages quickly, and applications need to be adapted to new requirements in increasingly shorter periods of time.

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